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Subject: Easter Weekend
Posted: 10th April, 2007 17:15 By: Steve Hammond
Another great weekend Clive, thanks to James for some good guiding and Francine's meals and picnic's were awesome. Hope you are back out on the trails soon.
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Subject: Dirty week-end
Posted: 12th March, 2006 20:04 By: Tim Heath
Having just returned from after a long week-end in Rhayader, I would definately recommend Clive's centre. We arranged a for Clive to provide a day's guided biking on Saturday, which was fantastic. The scenery is stunning and the cycling has its full quota of excitement. Although around 27 miles felt like double that, due to the hills and a little March mud, everyone coped pretty well. The atmosphere of the centre is great, very friendly and all the home made food is a real treat.
Thanks Clive, Francince, Neil and James and see you again soon
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Subject: Dirty Weekend
Posted: 7th April, 2005 11:01 By: Dewi Williams
Had a great time last weekend
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