Elan Valley Challenge Rides
Posted: 13th November, 2015 14:44
Dates have been posted for Challenge Rides, one in Jan and one in Feb. You will find them on the Events page.
Summer Challenge Ride
Posted: 5th March, 2015 12:22
I have just posted a date for a Summer Challenge Ride, June 7th. This will be a longer distance than the usual winter rides, and will also have no snow.
Rhayader Hillies
Posted: 3rd March, 2015 10:28
Dates have been posted for The Rhayader Hilly Time Trials series 2015. It's just over a month to the first one, so get your road bikes dusted off and lubed up. And, oh yes, get your legs shaved!
New Challenge Ride Dates
Posted: 20th January, 2015 09:44
Due to popular demand we have posted new dates for Challenge Rides. There will be one on Feb 1 and another on March 1. I will do my best to put on the usual sunshine.
Hilly Time Trial records
Posted: 12th September, 2014 10:03
All new records from this season of Hillies have been updated. Record breakers this year were: Charlotte Nixon, Liz Slater, Charles Cowan, Andy Firman and Phil Morris.
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